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Brian Buckingham

Brian Buckingham
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      Brian is a native of the Greater Seattle Area, his roots firmly planted in the lush landscapes and vibrant communities of the Pacific Northwest. While he ventured beyond his hometown during his ten-year tenure in the Marine Corps and stint in The Dalles, OR, before purchasing his own home in Dallesport, WA.  Brian’s heart always gravitated back to the beauty of the Great Pacific Northwest.

      A true outdoors enthusiast, Brian’s life found new purpose when he discovered the Mid-Columbia Region. It was a serendipitous love affair that began with the region’s abundant sunshine, its pristine forests to the west, the enchanting desert oasis to the east, and the majestic Columbia River that wove it all together. In this place, he saw not just a destination, but a place to call home.

      Brian’s quest for a real estate team that shared his core values, instilled by his years of service in the Marines, and leveraged cutting-edge technology to serve clients better led him to Jen Dillard, the visionary owner of the JDRE Team. It was a match made in real estate heaven, where shared values and a commitment to client-centric service became the cornerstone of their partnership.

      Now a proud member of the JDRE Team, Brian thrives in an environment where specialists handle the intricacies, allowing him to concentrate on what matters most: his clients. His journey through the challenging Greater Seattle real estate market, coupled with the seasoned professionalism of the JDRE Team, has honed his skills and positioned him as a formidable advocate for those he represents.

      In the rare moments when Brian isn’t diligently working on behalf of his clients, you’ll likely find him amidst nature’s wonders, exploring the numerous hiking trails with his loyal rescue black lab Rufus. Alternatively, he might be found at a local community court, fiercely competing in a game of pickleball.

      Brian is not just a real estate professional; he’s a passionate advocate for the lifestyle and community he cherishes. With his unwavering commitment to his clients and his love for the outdoors, he’s the ideal partner to guide you through your real estate journey in the Columbia River Gorge.

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