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As a buyer in this market,

Right now you have the opportunity to lock in that incredibly low interest rate, but you also probably know the feeling of looking, not liking (and definitly not loving) any of the homes you’ve seen/walked through. With the incredibly low inventory of the Gorge it is important to work with an agent who can represent you in the best way, can negotiate well and provide an inside scoop on the local market to find your dream spot!

You can probably relate when I say, you know the anticipation of waiting to hear back from the seller? Hoping that the seller sees your individuality and personality through a well written intro letter attached to your offer. You also know the disappointment of wanting a house so badly and hearing “Sorry, the seller went with another offer,” you know the anguish of swinging again, giving it all you got and hearing, “We’re happy to put you in back up position..”

Let us help you know the excitement and sheer joy of finally hearing your offer was accepted!!

So, what are the biggest mistakes to avoid, to help make the journey of buying a home that much smoother?

  1. Get formally pre approved BEFORE you start your search!
    You might hear this all the time, but its true, knowing your financial limit can be hugely beneficial to finding the right house. We have a few local lenders who we like to work with and can help: Ron Kurahara at Hood River Mortgage Group, Jeff Sacre at Direct Mortgage and Shane Chapman Guild Mortgage are who we often work with.
  2. Search for homes well below your financial threshold. This might sound like a bummer but finding a place below your ideal purchase price allows you to be competitive incase the house goes into a bidding war.
  3. Hire a local pro to guide you on values, teach you nuances of neighborhoods, and negotiate on your behalf once you get your offer accepted. This is where the Jen Dillard Real Estate Team excels, they know the Columbia River Gorge through and through.
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