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REal Advice Ep. 67: Jen Dillard talks all things real estate

On episode 67 of REal advice, Jen Dillard joins real estate guru Katie Day to discuss Jen’s road to success and what drives her passion for real estate, along with advice from both Katie and Jen.

Jen explains that although being a mom is what she prides herself most on, she knew there was something else she was meant to do. Jen knew she wanted to be a working mom, so when she found real estate, it pulled her in. After working the Seattle market for a couple years, Jen and her husband, Travis, moved their family to where most of us call home, Hood River, OR. Jen resides in Hood River and has created a unique and incredible real estate team, JDRE, which she calls her second family.


The JDRE (Jen Dillard Real Estate) team is one of the only ones like it in the Columbia River Gorge. With years of experience and knowledge, the JDRE team can confidently help you navigate the market, answer any questions you may have and make sure you make the best decisions from start to finish as a potential buyer.


As Katie picks Jens brain on what she would have done differently as an aspiring agent, Jen says she would have started growing her team earlier. Jen started building the JDRE team in 2017 but wishes she would have started JDRE as soon as she dove headfirst into the real estate game in 2015. Jen explains that she thrives on being around people and collaborating with other agents who have the same goal and positive outlook. According to Jen, the right time to start a team is during a period when you can’t be 2 places at once, you become busy enough to start turning away clientele or maybe you’re just a people person and would love to have a team of your own. Although Jen grew her team organically, she says there is not right or wrong way to go about building a team.


Katie and Jen go on to discuss Jens presence on social media and how it has helped her gain amazing connections and add agents to her team. When living in a small town like Hood River, word spreads. When people started recognizing Jen on social media, knowing how successful she has been, it gave her the ability to make a name for not only herself but the JDRE team as a whole.


Most of us know Jen as the principal broker at JDRE, but that’s not all she puts her hard work and time into. Jen and her husband Travis have started multiple property investment projects. Jen realized she wanted to expand past residential real estate and Travis, who specializes in real estate investment, was on board. From gut-and-remodels to exclusive commercial buildings, Jen and Travis love going in on larger projects together.


Not only does Jen have 14 wonderful agents on her team, she also has 5 full time employees, who offer in house services. One way that the JDRE team sets themself apart is the fact that they offer in-house, modern staging to all of their agents. This is just one of the many components that goes in to a strong team. The JDRE team loves bouncing ideas off each other and seeing each other’s faces at the office, where they all meet at least once a week. Jen does a great job at inspiring her team as well as being the best mentor and motivator possible.

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