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Real estate in the gorge has seen a shift…

There has been a major shift in how people are thinking about homeownership. The transition of more people working from home has created this higher demand for larger homes. A room to use as a home office is not enough anymore, the desire to have a home gym, an updated kitchen or more space outdoors are now key factors in motivating buyers to purchase a home. You may have found your home becomes your office, your children’s classroom, your workout facility, and your haven. This has shifted what home truly means to many families. In many cases, a new home is the best option.

In today’s real estate market, making a move while mortgage rates are so low can enable you to purchase more home for your money, when you and your family need it most.

If you’re thinking of selling your house, remember that buyers’ are motivated to purchase because mortgage rates are in their favor. Plus selling now, before other seller’s list their home might put your house high on the list for buyers.

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