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Is now a good time to move?

As the current events of the world alter our daily lives, homebuyer priorities are also shifting. From health crisis to wild fires, many homeowners are reconsidering and pondering the idea of moving to a home with more space; inside square foot...

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Your home has a whole new purpose and meaning today

A recent study analyzing the current trends of home buyers shows that during these unprecedented times homebuyers have a new outlook on what "home" means to them. The common priorities are changing because people are spending so much more time ...

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As a buyer in this market,

Right now you have the opportunity to lock in that incredibly low interest rate, but you also probably know the feeling of looking, not liking (and definitly not loving) any of the homes you've seen/walked through. With the incredibly low inven...

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Real estate in the gorge has seen a shift…

There has been a major shift in how people are thinking about homeownership. The transition of more people working from home has created this higher demand for larger homes. A room to use as a home office is not enough anymore, the desire to ha...

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What is happening in the real estate market today?

The Columbia River Gorge has seen nothing but an increase of demand while we remain with a low inventory of homes for sale. PERKS FOR BUYERS RIGHT NOW: LOW INTEREST RATES! Whether you’re thinking of buying or selling a home this year, t...

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